Beverly J. Seay

Inducted June 2017

In recognition of Beverly J. Seay’s contributions as a corporate leader, mentor, and technical visionary. She has served and led government, industry, and academic boards that have laid the foundation and set the standards enabling the modeling & simulation community to grow into the integrated ecosystem it is today.  She pioneered the SAIC enterprise-wide Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence that produced an exponential growth in M&S programs and customers.  Her work building partnerships with government, academia, and industry expanded the use of simulation in new markets to include healthcare, emergency management, tourism, and cybersecurity. As a UCF Trustee and Chair of UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science Dean’s Advisory Board, she is modeling the way industry leaders contribute to the educational development of tomorrow’s M&S innovators and pioneers. The M&S business base has been strengthened as a result of her efforts to expand the community’s diversity, capabilities, and expertise.

Biography/Professional Accomplishments

Beverly Seay has been a prominent business and higher education leader in the Central Florida modeling and simulation community for more than 25 years. As one of the founders of what has become the Orlando M&S community, she started the SAIC Orlando Modeling and Simulation systems business with the transfer of research based on reusable and composable systems and led the innovation of key pioneering approaches in systems engineering, modeling and simulation, and the delivery of complex, composable software and hardware systems that have become the foundation of many major M&S systems.

She led the establishment and growth of SAIC’s ASSET Business Unit to revenues in excess of $640M and 2500 employees in national and global markets. Under her leadership, SAIC was a key contributor to virtually all of the seminal M&S commitment to include: CCTT, JSIMS, WARSIM, ADST II, ModSAF, OneSAF, SECore, and CDT. Her commitment to mentorship and staff development is best exemplified by the over 20 companies that have been founded/led by the SAIC alumni. After leaving SAIC, she founded the CAE Global Integrated Enterprise Solutions Group to expand Canadian Homeland Security Solutions to the global market and the CAE Healthcare Services business for CAE Healthcare Products.

In both CAE and SAIC, she worked across the academic, industry and government communities to develop and apply the innovative use of modeling and simulation for analysis, operations, and training. Her efforts have resulted in the community’s growth from a military training centric focus to one that includes the global markets of cyber, emergency/disaster management, critical infrastructure, C4ISR, healthcare, and defense.

As a member of Orange County Mayor Jacob’s Modeling and Simulation Blue Ribbon Panel, Bev chaired the first Florida Simulation Summit (FSS) in 2015 and the second FSS in 2016; a summit that promoted awareness of the use of modeling and simulation in markets beyond defense including healthcare, education, entertainment, sports, transportation, cyber, energy, and manufacturing.

In higher education, Beverly Seay promotes M&S research and education in conjunction with cybersecurity and data science to address industry and government challenges in technology, applications, and workforce development. As the executive director leading the establishment of the Nebraska Applied Research Institute at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Bev is working with the UNMC iEXCEL program to transition their use of virtual reality and augmented reality in provided experiential learning for the inter-professional healthcare workforce to develop workforces for crisis response and cyber-secure operational systems.

At George Tech, Bev funded research in the virtual worlds and gaming, scenario adaptation, human systems integration, patient-centric health, robotics, and entrepreneurism through the Flashpoint program. She also endowed the Women’s Resource Center, College of Computing (CoC) Women’s Scholarship, and the CoC Dean’s Funds.

At University of Central Florida, Beverly Seay endowed the UCF’s Girls Excel in Math and Science (GEMS), WISE Mentoring programs, and the CECS Dean’s Funds.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Computers, Information and Control Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. Beverly also earned Mergers and Acquisition from Wharton Executive Education.