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The National Center for Simulation is excited to see member companies benefit from the interaction with other member companies.  One of the tools NCS offers is a member-sponsored Lunch & Learn.  Typically scheduled to coordinate with a Team Orlando Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) session day, these informal training or development sessions are complemented with lunch, which is underwritten by the presenting company.

PALT is the response to the industry’s requests to improve communication between military acquisition commands, and industry stakeholders.  The Army/Marine Corp PALTs are in the morning and the Navy in the afternoon.  Lunch & Learn (L&L) events fit nicely in between the two so your audience can refuel, learn, and seek out long-term business relationships simultaneously.

Some Past NCS Lunch & Learn Presenters

Good Planning, Marketing, and Organization is Key to a Successful NCS Lunch & Learn Event

  • Lunch & Learn events are opportunities for co-workers from different member companies to meet and share their skills and expertise.
  • This NCS benefit is a great way to foster an MS&T culture of knowledge sharing between organizations learning from both primes and subs, and encouraging cross-fertilization to break down silos on technical or non-technical subjects.  Lunch & Learn subjects can be on almost any topic, for example,  real estate, taxes, accounting, proposal writing, competitive intelligence gathering, new tech sector initiatives, and lessons learned.  Lunch & Learn participants can take away important guidance and information that makes their business more flexible, more responsive to changing business conditions, and better able to step into a government or primes requirement needs.


Next Steps for Getting the Word Out About Your Event 

The National Center for Simulation will:

  • Provide a venue for a “Live” Lunch & Learn typically held in Partnership III 3039 Technology Parkway, Room 233, Orlando, Florida 32826.
  • Participate with either NCS President/CEO or COO to kickoff and close the Lunch & Learn.
  • Market/advertise the Lunch & Learn.
  • Showcase event to NCS Board of Directors (pre-and post-event)
  • Add logo on the Lunch & Learn webpage
  • Send you a draft template Lunch & Learn flyer as an example.

Your member company (presenter) will:

  • Create an engaging PDF flyer.
  • For a virtual Lunch & Learn provide the video/audio platform.
  • For a hybrid Lunch & Learn work with NCS on distributing video/audio from a suitable location for the Lunch & Learn.
  • Manage presentation material during the event to include pre and post-deployment of any information required.
  • Market/advertise the Lunch & Learn to NCS members and non-member companies.
  • Set up as needed a registration site, handle all RSVPs, and email correspondence.

There are no hard-and-fast rules that govern the way you run your Lunch & Learn. It’s up to you to decide what’s appropriate for your organization and what will benefit the entire group listening to your presentation.  However, this should not be seen as a “capability briefing” or “sales pitch” for your company.  This is a learning/training information session for the good of the entire MS&T community attending.  It is, however, acceptable to have a slide or two on your company who, what, and how.

Tips that may help you achieve your goals: 

Whether the focus is on life skills, partnering, or business goals, remember that you’re asking people to give up their lunch. Good food will encourage them, but there’s more to a successful Lunch & Learn than just free pizza!  So, make sure that your event is worthwhile, relevant, and interesting. If the subject resonates, people will be happy to attend and connect with your company in the future.

  • Tip:  Provide gift-card(s) for any games or questions as an incentive for joining Lunch & Learn.
  • Tip:  Providing attendees with complimentary lunch food certificates is a great way to start off a virtual or hybrid event. It is also a way for your organization to show that it appreciates everyone’s time and hard work.
  • Tip:  Promote, promote, promote the Lunch & Learn.  Post-COVID the OPTEMPO on the MS&T workforce has gone up with remote meetings, conferences, web meetings, and travel.  Everyone’s time and energy are precious commodities.
  • Tip:  Publicize your event as soon as your speaker and venue are confirmed.  Give people as much time as possible to respond. Emails are easily overlooked, so send out calendar invites, and maybe put up some physical posters or flyers, at events.
  • Tip:  Aim to create a “buzz” around your Lunch & Learn and look to make this an annual event with NCS.

Important details for your flyer:

  • Contact NCS for a suitable date for your Lunch & Learn.  As mentioned previously the PALT Days can be found on the web or on the NCS Linkedin page however your Lunch & Learn can be on a day outside of PALT Days. Direct all questions to Dr. Neal Finkelstein at
  • Agenda to include:
    • Registration and Networking: 12:00 pm to 12:15 pm EDT.
    • Lunch: 12:15 pm to 12:45 pm.
    • Presentation and Q&A: 12:45 pm to 1:30 pm.
  • Location: UCF Partnership III Building, Conference Room #233 (2nd floor), 3039 Technology Parkway Orlando, FL 32826.
  • Contact emails for your company representatives.
  • If a hybrid or virtual Lunch & Learn, include the link.
  • If in person registration page link.

We look forward to seeing you host a successful event, one worthy of your time and your attendee’s.