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M&S Internships

Developing Your Future Team Members

Sometimes hiring student interns can feel daunting – the vetting, training and preparation can be challenging to work into your normal job responsibilities.

When you hire students who are certified in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) by the National Center for Simulation, you’re not only effectively managing workflow to meet your company’s immediate objectives, but maybe more importantly, you’re identifying and developing your future team members and leaders.

Benefits of Hiring an M&S Intern

  • Identifies future employees who have a firm foundation and interest in M&S
  • Ramps up your company’s productivity as they hit the ground running
  • Improves retention rates as they adapt to your company’s culture
  • Offers a cost-free, searchable pool of talent at your fingertips
  • Gives fresh, multi-generational perspectives into new ventures
  • Provides you inexpensive, but highly talented labor
  • Gives back to your community by advancing the talent pool and investing in the simulation professions of the future

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