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In coordination with the Florida Departments of Education (FDOE) and Economic Opportunity (DEO), CareerSource Florida, Inc. (CSFL), CareerSource Central Florida (CSCFL), and Orange County and Seminole County Public Schools, NCS is implementing an industry accredited certification program in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) for high school (and other) students.  This certification program is aligned with the NCS high school M&S curriculum, a four-year program preparing students for post-secondary education or entry level positions in industry or government.  Students who complete this curriculum and those who have appropriate experience and/or other coursework and training may elect to take the NCS M&S Certification Exam.

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Prepare today to take the Certification Exam and Launch your career in Simulation!

High School and technical school students taking courses in gaming, animation and simulation, along with studying the M&S Study Guide and M&S Course Curriculum available on the NCS website, should be adequately prepared to pass the examination. Additionally, many teachers are using the four-year M&S Course Curriculum as a reference when following state standards in the classroom. In Florida, students take the NCS M&S Certification exam at participating schools at no cost to them because in most cases, Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act funding is given to the school districts for M&S testing.


All high school and technical school students throughout the United States are eligible to take the certification examination. There are no minimum GPA requirements.

Testing is managed by Certification Internet Web (CIW) on behalf of the National Center for Simulation, and all tests are proctored.  Interested students go to the

High school and technical school teachers can take the examination at no charge.

M&S Certification is a Win-Win-Win for Everyone

STEM Students Win

Interest and competency in STEM prepares students for high paying, exciting M&S careers in defense, medical, entertainment, business, education, training, and other diverse fields. Student interns who are M&S certified are high-performers, better prepared and more qualified as candidates for full-time employment in the M&S industry. They also require less entry-level training, improving overall productivity with the potential benefit of remaining with the organization for a longer period of time.

Schools Win

Participating schools obtain state funding and high tech status that improves the school’s comprehensive capabilities, its overall performance grade, and gives well-deserved teacher recognition and monetary awards.

American Industry Wins

M&S is considered a national critical technology. Graduates having M&S skill sets are crucial to the workforce of the future, leading the nation into a more competitive position in the world marketplace. The certification creates a pool of skilled and motivated students in Florida who are ready for recruitment for both paid and unpaid internships.