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NCS Corporate Governance

Below you will find documents that govern the National Center for Simulation (NCS), including the corporate bylaws and the NCS charter that are a cornerstone of the current consortium dating back to the White House initiative of the Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) in the 1990’s.  The TRP included funds for development of dual-use technologies that meet both defense and civilian needs, including defense firms making the transition to commercial marketplace.

The enthusiastic response to the TRP demonstrated that companies, large and small, that helped to win the Cold War were eager to compete and win in civilian markets.  The TRP solicited proposals in three key areas: technology development, to create new technologies with the potential for commercialization; technology deployment, to disseminate existing technology for near-term commercial and defense products; and education and training, to strengthen engineering and work force capabilities necessary for a competitive industrial base.

National Center for Simulation Bylaws

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National Center for Simulation Charter

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National Center for Simulation 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee culminated with the Board of Directors approval and publishing of the NCS 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan on 23 September 2020.  The Strategic Planning Committee was comprised of NCS board members and corporate officers who collaboratively defined four strategic goals, aligned with the strategic imperatives, as well as the detailed strategic action plans for each goal.

Board members are critical to our success. We appreciate these dedicated individuals for all the time and effort they devote in support of NCS and our membership companies.

These volunteers spend countless hours in meetings and in their communities advocating MS&T. Being a board member is a challenging role and we appreciate their commitment to serving in this vital role. The members of the Strategic Planning Committee and their role at the time of this publishing, included:

  • Ms. Janet Spruill Committee Chair – NCS BOD Secretary
  • Mr. George Cheros Committee Member – NCS President & CEO
  • Dr. Neal Finkelstein Committee Member – NCS COO
  • Mr. Dan Ketchen Committee Member – NCS BOD
  • Ms. Terry Kohl Committee Member – NCS BOD Vice Chair
  • Dr. Lee Lacy Committee Member – NCS BOD
  • Ms. Mary Trier Committee Member – NCS BOD Chair
  • Mr. Hank Okraski Education Committee Advisor
  • Ms. Lindsey Spalding Education Committee Advisor

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