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From the Desk of George E. Cheros

Dear NCS Members and Prospective Members,

I hope each of you and members of your families are staying well.  This last several weeks has been a time of major adjustments for all of us.  As I informally surveyed a cross-section of our membership regarding the COVID 19 Virus impact on their businesses, I found that the MS&T industry has fared better than almost all other industries in Central Florida.  Given our community’s economic dependence on the service industry (travel, theme parks, lodging and restaurants), there are literally hundreds of thousands of families under severe financial stress.  Many of them have children in college and through no fault of their own are now facing tough decisions for the new school year.

Since NCS leadership wants to give back to our community and a key strategic objective is to educate and train our workforce of the future, we decided the best way to help is to launch an intensive scholarship campaign.  Every dollar we raise between now and June 30 will be given out in scholarships this year to deserving college students who have been directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic.  Eligible students are those pursuing a STEM related degree or a degree in a field of study that supports the MS&T industry.  

A few years ago, when the possibility of BRAC was very real NCS, working with UCF and the Metro Orlando Defense Task Force, led the charge to raise $42 million, and against strong odds, acquired the Partnership IV and V buildings.  These acquisitions, not only relieved the military of a large rent burden, they provided the necessary platform to attract key new missions including the Army Futures Command Cross Functional Team (CFT) headquarters for Synthetic Training Environment (STE).  As I write this, Partnership V’s fourth floor is being built out with a much needed improvement to support the Army’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), which will bring an additional $1 Billion + programs to Team Orlando.  We met the challenge to deliver the platform to continue to grow our MS&T business and we will continue to work on new opportunities.  Now, we must have the same level of success with this MS&T COVID 19 Response Scholarship Campaign. 

To kick off our campaign, I challenged our Board of Directors to full participation, which we achieved in a day.  We also decided that NCS would match the first additional $5,000 in contributions.  I am happy to report that the Central Florida NDIA chapter stepped up and called our match with a $5,000 contribution, and we are very pleased that they have chosen to be our “seed partner” in this drive.  Since that time, one of your NCS members,  Waymon Armstrong and ECS, also stepped up and contributed $5,000 and has challenged all members of the MS&T community to participate

We recently issued a press release announcing this campaign.  Click here for a copy of the press release, and donations can be made by going to  We are all very fortunate to live and work in this wonderful community.  We are looking for strong participation from our membership and the entire Team Orlando community.   Not only do we want to raise a lot of funds to provide scholarships, we also want to achieve a broad support from the industry and community.  No donation is too small!  Additionally, any encouragement you are able to provide to your employees and colleagues will greatly contribute to our collective success!  

I am thankful to be a part of this great NCS team and live in this great community.  Stay safe and well!


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George E. Cheros
President and CEO