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Posted on January 25, 2018 in General News

System of Systems Controlled Environment Test Infrastructure (SCETI)
By TReX Website Admin | January 7, 2018 |

The U.S. Army is interested in improving its test capability for sensors used in degraded visual environments (DVE) conditions, including dust and heavy rain.  Current Government test capabilities allow for testing in live-flight (manned rotary winged tests), which provides realistic flight mechanics but has significant costs and risks, or in a laboratory setting, which is low cost but does not provide realistic mechanics.  Additionally, in live flight test, the environments to which the system under test can be exposed are limited and non-repeatable. 

In order to improve this test capability, the U.S. Army is interested in prototyping a system that will place sensor assemblies into low cost emulated flight through artificial repeatable rain and dust DVEs characterized by instrumentation in order to directly enhance the readiness and capability of Army aviation platforms.  This prototype effort will provide program managers the ability to characterize the performance of their sensor assemblies in emulated flight through hazardous DVE conditions (i.e., heavy dust, rain, smoke).

Information regarding the System of Systems Controlled Environment Test Infrastructure (SCETI) solicitation can be reviewed by selecting the following documents (click each to view).

Any questions regarding the SCETI Request for Solutions and/or the SCETI RFS Technical Supplement should be directed to

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