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Status of the UCF Veterans Commemorative Site

Posted on July 26, 2010 in General News

Dear patriots and fellow veterans,

Greetings!  As we just finished celebrating Memorial Day 2010, I thought it would be a great time to provide you this update on the construction status of the UCF Veterans Commemorative Site. This incredible tribute to all veterans--past, present and future--will soon highlight the south end of Memory Mall with a powerful, dignified and enduring recognition of the honorable service and noble sacrifices of our nation’s veterans on behalf of the American people and freedom-loving individuals around the world.

I am proud and honored to help support this effort as the project lead, and am truly excited that it will soon anchor our campus with such a substantive and inspiring memorial. When finished, UCF will proudly host a remarkably unique homage celebrating your many contributions, and those of all our nation’s veterans, to help preserve our unmatched blessings of liberty and well-being!

The foundation and structural work are nearing completion, the marble and granite sculptings have now arrived on campus, the flag pole installation and lighting systems are in work, and all remaining support preparations are well underway.  Final site assembly and finishing operations will be ongoing throughout the coming months with a dedication ceremony to be conducted later this year. Like all veterans, your military service and lifelong support of the nation have earned you the gratitude and respect of our nation, and America still remains the “home of the free…because of the brave”!

As I’m sure you all know, this special project is being funded with private donations. Although we have made substantial progress to date, we are now entering a major phase to fulfill all funding requirements, including the final construction push and ensuring a small endowment is in place to support future year site maintenance and upkeep. We urgently need your help to finish the project and want as many veterans as possible, especially those who are part of the UCF family, to participate in this effort.

For all of you who have already supported this project with generous donations or pledges, let me personally offer my most sincere “thank you”. And for those of you who would like to support this effort, I thank you in advance and urge you to do so at your earliest convenience.  Please review the attached commemorative site brochure which more fully describes the project, and consider making a donation if at all possible (donor sheet also attached). For those of you donating $1,000 or more, the opportunity is available to be individually identified (you or an individual you specify) on the donor recognition plaque to be displayed near the commemorative site.

Thank you all for your service to our country and to UCF.  I’m proud to serve alongside you, and look forward to your generous support.

I also hope you will be able to participate in the site dedication ceremony later this year (time, details TBA). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email ( or call me (407-823-2232) at your convenience.

Warmest regards,  Al Harms

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