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Orlando startup Fluix wins Blue Origin contest as it pivots toward outer space (by Alex Soderstrom)

Fluix Inc. co-founder and CEO Abhishek Sastri believes the solution that will make data centers more efficient on Earth will be found in outer space.

That’s why Orlando-based liquid cooling technology startup Fluix is pivoting to a new focus: the development of a new coolant in microgravity. It’s a bold plan, but the company recently got some recognition for its plans from Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin LLC.

Fluix on Dec. 8 was named a winner of the inaugural Reef Starter Innovation Challenge, a contest that recognizes early-stage companies developing innovative in-space solutions that can use Blue Origin’s planned space station called Orbital Reef. Not only does Fluix win $25,000, but it gets to have preliminary conversations with Blue Origin about working together to advance its solution, Sastri told Orlando Inno.