Orlando among the nation’s 10 fastest-growing cities for entrepreneurs, according to LinkedIn (by Susan Lundine and Ryan Mulligan)

Orlando is the nation’s fastest-growing big city for entrepreneurs, according to LinkedIn’s State of Entrepreneurship report.

In fact, the three fastest-growing cities for entrepreneurs are in Florida: Metro Orlando saw 46% growth in new businesses year over year, which was the best in the country. It was followed by Miami (No. 2), which saw 45% growth, and Tampa (No. 3), at 43%, according to the report.

The Florida trio is followed by Houston (No. 4 with 41% growth) and the Dallas-Fort Worth area (No. 5 with 40% growth).

The report defined entrepreneurs as anyone on LinkedIn who self-identified as having a founder or owner role in a company or small business that had less than 500 employees within two months of operation. Company formation rates were analyzed and compared between the July 2018-19 pre-pandemic period and the July 2020-21 mid-pandemic period.

The top industries for entrepreneurs in Orlando are software and IT services, corporate services, and media and communications, according to LinkedIn.