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New Sanford HQ where drone startup Hoverfly will create jobs (by Alex Soderstrom)

Drone startup Hoverfly Technologies Inc. is nearly doubling in size.

Hoverfly on April 25 cut the ribbon on its new 20,500-square-foot headquarters in Sanford after moving from its previous 11,000-square-foot building on March 1. The facility, which acts as Hoverfly’s primary research and design/design space, means the company will add 50 workers to its staff of 60.

Twelve-year-old Hoverfly makes tethered drones for the U.S. military, as well as security and public safety companies and agencies. By connecting to a power source, the drones can stay in the air indefinitely without having to come down to recharge. They’re commonly used by the military as a radio antenna that can fly above buildings or land features that would interfere with a signal.

The new facility not only includes office space but also lab space, a Faraday cage where Hoverfly can test frequency interference in an isolated area, a 3D printer for prototyping parts and plenty of room outdoors to fly drones.