NCS Special Industry Panel Discussion co-hosted by Broad & Cassel, Attorneys at Law

Dear NCS Members,
For those of you who were unable to attend the NCS Special Panel Discussion last week, many topics were addressed relating to creating, protecting and realizing your company’s value.  For your convenience, a brief outline of the substantive information shared during the panel discussion is included below.
Please contact the moderator, Doug Starcher, Partner, Broad and Cassel if you have any questions or would like to further discuss any or all these points:,  (Office)  407-839-4200, (Direct)  407-839-4208 
Thomas L,. Baptiste, Lt Gen , USAF (Ret)
President /Executive Director 
1.  Little Known/Used Financing Sources
     – EB-5 Visa Investments may allow you to infuse capital into your business
     – New Market Tax Credits may be available for anyone undertaking a capital project
     – Industrial Development Revenue Bonds offer below market rates and long term financing
2.  Current Tax and Financial Reporting Issues (also see attached power point presentation)
     – The five biggest mistakes made by business owners, from lack of internal controls to
       planning exit strategies
     – Business, estate, and gift tax changes: What ends in 2010 and what to expect in the years to
     – Capital Gains and Losses: Covering issues such as long term capital gains, expiration,
        short term rates and dividend tax rates
3.  Intellectual Property Protection and Risk
     – Take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property from competitors (trademarks,
       copyrights, trade secrets, patents)
     – Protect your intellectual property with respect to your employers, partners, licensees, etc.
     – What happens to your intellectual property rights when you contract with the government?
     – With the increase in bankruptcy filings, preferential transfer and fraudulent transfer actions
       are on the rise.  What can your business do to better protect itself from these kind of law
4.  Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets
     – Have you protected your business and family:
        — In the event of incapacitation?
        — From creditors?
        — From estate taxes?
        — In the event of death?
     – If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to take action now to protect those
       most important to you
5.  Realizing Value by Selling Your Company
     – How to find a buyer, other than by waiting for one to knock on your door
     – How to make your company presentable in preparation for a sale
     – How to avoid giving away in the sales contract the value you worked so hard to create

As a reminder, here is the e-vite of the event that took place this week:

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