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Wegmann USA, Inc. Training & Simulation

Wegmann USA is a company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States of America, which manufactures and markets its manufacturing services and products throughout the world.
Our manufacturing experience has been concentrated in manufacturing products and components for Military programs. Our experience makes us particularly well suited in providing manufacturing services to organizations within the defense industry, or other industries requiring high quality and record keeping standards.
Wegmann USA products have been primarily defense related and include products such as: Grenade Launchers, Ammunition Storage Systems, Vehicle Training Simulators, and Under Armor Weapons Stations.
Together with our corporate affiliates we also offer simulation and training products for civilian transportation markets such as the rail transportation industry.
The products and services we offer are born of our strong manufacturing, management, and technical capabilities. We possess substantial capabilities in areas such as: machining, welding, assembly, quality management, quality inspection, program management, materials procurement, import/export management, engineering design, as well as in other areas. These broad capabilities allow us to offer “turn-key” manufacturing solutions.
We are an ISO 9001 registered company.

(434) 385-1580

30 Keyes Court
Sanford , FL 32773

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