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VirTra was founded in 1993 and was one of the first virtual reality-based companies in the world. The company’s primary focus is developing and delivering the world’s finest firearms and use of force training simulation systems. It now is one of the largest suppliers of simulators to 30 countries with millions of users of our technology since inception. It is more important than ever personnel are equipped to make the best decisions, with excellent marksmanship, in split-second life-and-death situations. We are committed to providing better and more realistic training, so trainees succeed when lives are at stake. VirTra clients across the world rely on our training simulation systems to increase the chances of successful missions and surviving lethal encounters. VirTra provides its clients with realistic military firearms training and judgmental use of force training simulation systems. Along with best-in-class customer service and unparalleled technology, including immersive real-world threat scenarios, tetherless recoil kits, and the safe, patented return fire electronic devices, it is no surprise that the finest military and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and throughout the world select VirTra when they compare simulators head-to-head.

(800) 455-8746

295 E Corporate Place
Chandler , AZ 85225

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