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Veloxiti Inc.

We Invent, Build, and Deploy Intelligent Agent Systems That Create a Competitive Advantage for Our Warfighters

AI is transforming our society and affecting the ways in which we do business, interact socially, and conduct war. Veloxiti has been developing principles consistent with the DoD mission to assist in the effort to deter war and ensure national security.

According to the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, trustworthy AI should be lawful, respecting all applicable laws and regulations; ethical, respecting ethical principles and values; and robust, both from a technical perspective while also taking into account social environment.

At Veloxiti, we strive to comply with these ethical guidelines. We develop AI products in a safe and responsible way while upholding high ethical standards while delivering AI products to meet the needs of customers is our primary focus.

(678) 665-5668

3650 Brookside Drive
Suite 125
Alpharetta , GA 30022

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