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V3 Strategies

Focused leadership, relevant strategy, and the right connections for business growth at every stage

LTG (U.S. Army, Ret) Peter Vangjel launched V3 Strategies and Solutions after retiring from the Army with a distinguished and successful career, and working in the private sector leading a large defense contractor Services Business Unit.

With over 28 years of executive strategic development and problem-solving experience on a global scale, LTG Vangjel is committed to applying his experience to help large and small businesses grow with 24/7 advice and support.

As a dynamic integrator with a proven record of decisive leadership in organizations ranging in size from 200 to 35,000, he offers business growth strategies, team-building expertise, and strategies for problem solving and communications solutions.

LTG Vangjel is Lean Six Sigma certified by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army. He obtained postgraduate certification from Georgetown University in Leader and Executive Performance Coaching.

(571) 245-9662

3752 Parkland Drive
Orlando , FL 32814

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