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Uvisan’s products provide rapid medical grade disinfection of rooms and equipment using the power of UV-C light while no chemicals, heat or liquid is required protecting customers and staff. The level of UV irradiance kills 99.99% of Poliovirus 1, SARS, H-CoV 229E, H-CoVOC43, H-CoV 229E, Influenza A (H1N1), Covid 19 in two minutes of exposure to UVC light.
Its cabinets can simultaneously store, charge, and disinfect headsets, tablets, laptops, in addition to other SMARTech. The brand also pioneered the multi-headset, 360-degree surface coverage approach, ensuring the entire device is reliably sanitary every time.

Uvisan, the UK based global company came to life with the creation of its single-use headset UV Cabinet for its parent company, Immotion Group’s, 36-seater VR theatre and virtual reality installation at Shark Reef Aquarium, in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas.

Today, Uvisan supplies UV Cabinets for an array of companies and educational facilities world-wide (including TV/Film productions (Aardman Studios’ “Shaun the Sheep”), The National Health Service (NHS), British Film Institute, and RAF Hado among others, as well as many universities and schools. Most recently, Uvisan’s Cleanroom had its first installation at the University of Chichester, being able to disinfect the air and all surfaces in the University’s high value, high traffic recording studio in under 10 minutes. The company’s mission is to change the sanitation strategy of shared spaces and shared devices in the post-Covid era.

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