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UCF Institute for Simulation & Training

IST’s mission is to advance the state of the art and science of human-centered modeling and simulation by:

Performing basic and applied simulation researchSupporting education in modeling and simulation and related fieldsServing public and private simulation communities

We don’t produce simulator hardware. That’s a job for industry. But we’ve successfully developed working prototype hardware that provides new uses for simulations. We’ll also help develop new applications for existing hardware, and scientifically test the results using human factors and other criteria for effective human-machine interface and learning. Too often overlooked, human factors testing is crucial to ultimate simulation effectiveness. We’re fortunate to be closely connected through joint faculty appointments and working relationships with one of the top, if not the leading, human factors departments in the nation—right here at UCF.

We also explore the frontiers of simulation science, expanding our knowledge of ways to stimulate the human senses with advanced optical, audio and haptic technologies.

(407) 882-1302

3100 Technology Parkway
UCF Partnership Two Building
Orlando , FL 32826

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