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Digimation | DART Range

Digimation, Inc., manufacturer of DART Range and DART MAX, a new weapon simulator developed by Digimation, a 32-year-old industry veteran with deep expertise in 3D development, training and simulation, and firearm simulation training. DART MAX is unique among firearm simulation systems.

Digimation released its original DART firearm simulator more than seven years ago. It is now in use by nearly 400 police departments and the US Army. DART MAX is a new system that will be available for the first time in March 2024.

DART MAX is a (Windows) laptop-based system that incorporates an OptiTrack camera for laser shot detection and compact laser projector. The system comes packaged in a single hard case measuring approximately 23x15x120 inches. DART MAX uses a projection screen, although one is not required if adequate wall space is available for the projected image. DART MAX software has been developed utilizing the Unreal 5 Engine, the industry standard for realistic 3D graphics.

Unique DART MAX Features

DART MAX includes all of the capabilities you would expect in a premier firearm simulator, such as support for multiple weapons and shooters, and adds features not found in any competing system. Compare these DART MAX features with any other firearm simulator at any price.

• Technology – DART MAX uses the latest hardware and software technology resulting in the most capable system today and a platform that will last well into the future.
• Limitless Training Options – With the most extensive set of tools ever offered, DART MAX provides focused and effective firearms training for hundreds of skill sets at varying levels of proficiency.
• Courseware Authoring – Every organization has its unique requirements. DART MAX gives you the ability to create and share courseware, which allows you to tailor content to the specific needs of your team.
• Unmatched Realism – Realistic and immersive visuals capture the attention of students and keeps them engaged, which is essential for maintaining focus throughout training. DART MAX is built using Unreal 5 – the industry standard for high-fidelity 3D graphics.

Courseware Authoring – DART MAX has been designed around powerful courseware creating software that is feature-rich yet extremely easy to use. The importance of this cannot be overstated. MAX Studio, the courseware authoring portion of the program, includes these features:

• Extensive Object Types – no competing package offers the width and breadth of object types that can be used in DART MAX courses, drills, and scenarios.
o Flat Targets – familiar 2D silhouette targets for qualification courses and drills
o 3D Targets – silhouette targets mounted to realistic static and moving stands
o Reactive Targets – 3D targets with built-in scoring zones and physics
o Smart Targets™ – 2D and 3D targets with embedded motions and behaviors
o TruTargets™ – the most realistic human characters available in a firearm simulator with behaviors and mortality settings
o Video Targets – innovative video clips of people with poses, motion, and behaviors
o Video Scenarios – full-screen video experiences within the 3D simulation
o Groups – combinations of objects that can be saved and moved together
o Props – Building blocks used to recreate realistic settings and locations
o Lights – featuring multiple light types capable of recreating any lighting condition
o Environments – hyper-realistic interior and outdoor settings for targets and people. Time of Day can be used to vary the appearance of environments.
o Viewpoints – cameras that can be freely moved, adjusted, and controlled
• Innovative Behaviors – every object can have its own associated behaviors. These are “cause and effect” options that cause an object to react when certain events happen within or outside the simulator. For example, a crowd of 3D characters can panic if a gunshot is fired. In addition, multiple behaviors can be stacked which allows a number of sequential or random events to occur from a single trigger.
• Motion – every object in DART MAX can have its own motion based on easy to create motion paths that are created with the mouse.
• Drag and Drop Interface – Digimation has been developing ground-breaking software interfaces for decades. DART MAX uses an intuitive drag-and-drop system for creating courses and scenarios that is unmatched in the industry.
• 2D and 3D Assets – in an industry-first, DART MAX integrates 2D video and image assets in a photorealistic 3D world, offering maximum flexibility when creating content.
• Course Sharing – DART MAX makes it easy to share content with other MAX systems using simple import/export functions. Many other systems do not permit course sharing.

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