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All Points

Since 1997, All Points Logistics, LLC (ALL POINTS) has earned a
stellar reputation for providing superior customer service to our
clients, who have recognized ALL POINTS again and again for outstanding
dedication to excellence and innovation on vital missions. Our diverse
experience, spanning numerous disciplines and locations, has provided
the ALL POINTS team with an understanding of our customers’ mission and
goals, and we build upon that understanding with expertise gained on
each new award. Each contract serves as a strong reference and benchmark
for the high quality work ALL POINTS performs. Whether the prime or a
subcontractor, ALL POINTS consistently provides mission focused,
critical services for our customers. ALL POINTS’ consistent “Excellent”
ratings in each performance area and our numerous awards speak volumes
about our dedication to exceed our customers’ expectations.

ALL POINTS’ management processes have been developed to effectively
and quickly respond to customer requirements and changing needs by
bringing the appropriate resources to bear and by sustaining excellent
performance through rigorous adherence to defined processes and
procedures. ALL POINTS understands how to operate in high-risk
environments where work is driven by task orders and special requests,
as well as by sustained mission requirements. ALL POINTS processes drive
internal metrics, and ALL POINTS partners with customers to assure
meaningful metrics and service level agreements are in place for cost,
schedule, and technical performance. ALL POINTS personnel are trained in
Lean process re-engineering and have successfully implemented Lean and
Six Sigma principles to effect quantifiable, measurable process
improvement. Our commitment to best practices is evident in that a
majority of our executives and senior management possess Six Sigma Black
Belts, Project Management Institute Certifications, ITIL v3
Certifications, CMMI certifications and/or expert level ISO
(International Organization for Standardization) training.

(321) 247-3960

190 South Sykes Creek Parkway
Suite 3
Merritt Island , FL 32952

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