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AI Redefined

AI Redefined (AIR) is an advanced technology company that is a strategic partner to Aerospace and Defense, Industry, Manufacturing and Energy, and deploys AI-human orchestration, collaboration and training products.

Train and deploy AI that continuously learns from and collaborate with your human experts directly in their work context, in real time, and go from data overload to enhanced efficiency and competitive advantage:

1- Optimize decision-making and maximize the value of your teams, digital twins and data.
Augment your operators, while reducing their cognitive load, thanks to bidirectional, situationally-aware AI that provides personalized decision-making assistance, reliable insights, anomaly detection, task automation and prioritization.

2- Seamlessly orchestrate human operators and autonomous systems for efficiency, productivity and scaling.

3- Customize the training of pilots, air traffic controllers, industrial plant operators and maintenance technicians on complex tasks with adaptive learning.
Our hyper-personalized private AI trainer quickly learns directly from your experts. It integrates with your simulation environment and works at any scale and complexity level, all in the safety of your secure environment. It adjusts the pace of the training for each individual trainee, focusing on skill acquisition and generating adaptive scenarios accordingly.

Precision, safety, and adaptability – in any environment.
No armies of AI scientists required!
Contact us to today discover how we can help you meet your objectives.

400 McGill St
Suite 300 , H2Y 2G1
Montreal , QC 99999

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