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5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)

5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)
5DT develops a wide range of training solutions for the aerospace, defense, mining, construction and trucking markets. 5DT’s training solutions include visualizers, computer based training (CBT), walk-around inspection trainers, maintenance training systems (MTSs), multi-crew coordination (MCC) trainers, part-task trainers, flight navigation procedures trainers (FNPTs), flight training devices (FTDs), full mission simulators (FMSs) and full flight simulators (FFSs).
5DT’s capabilities include aspects such as training simulator development (air, land sea), visual display system (VDS) development, software application development, modelling, instrumentation & interfacing, project/program management, graphics development, software development, mechanical hardware development, electronics development, optics development, training center establishment, mobile simulators, motion bases, head mounted displays (HMDs), data gloves and tracking systems.
5DT by the numbers:
• More than 20 years in business
• Over 200 simulators deployed worldwide
• Simulators for vehicles, machines and aircraft from more than 30 manufacturers
• More than 115 different vehicles, machines and aircraft simulated
• Regional offices in 5 countries
5DT is a small business and is available as a subcontractor or as a prime contractor.
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(407) 734-5377

12249 Science Drive
Suite 135
Orlando , FL 32826

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