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3D Media

3D Media is a world-class developer of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Our AR experiences overlay on the world around us, providing unparalleled – and lifesaving – information to employees, decreasing incidents, and improving training and development practices. With clients like the US Air Force, we have built solutions that increase efficiency, reduce accidents, and create a better workflow for people in high-risk environments. With our VR experiences, workers are transported to an entirely new world where they can safely – and effectively – undergo complex, high-risk, and high-impact training with no fear of impact to real-world safety, cost, or training effectiveness. In partnership with companies like Louisiana Economic Development and United Vision Logistics, we have built simulations that have saved time, money, and lives. The suite of expertise and experience that 3D Media brings to the table can revolutionize talent and workforce development, create safer training environments, and increase trainee retention versus traditional instruction and training methods. At 3D Media, we believe in partnering with companies that embrace the future and wish to expand their training and development efforts into the 21st century.

(985) 258-1968

618 Canal Blvd
Thibodaux , LA 70301

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