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Vince and Beth Amico Memorial Scholarship to UCF

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Eligibility and Selection Process

Each recipient of the Scholarship will be selected based on the following established criteria:

Scholarship Details

Two awards in memory of Vince and Beth Amico will be made annually and paid per semester. Each award made will be for an amount up to $2,500 or one half of the available balance in the fund prior to the award, whichever is less.

One award will be made for the FALL semester and the other for the SPRING semester. Applications for the FALL award are due July 10th, and applications for the SPRING semester are due September 30th. The FALL award will be made by July 31st, and the SPRING award will be made by October 31st. Application instructions will clearly state due dates and submission details.

Priority for award will be to first year UCF freshman with a demonstrated interest in modeling and simulation as evident by their coursework, employment, community involvement, etc. However, if there is not an applicant that meets that selection criterion, then an award will be made to an eligible full-time master’s or doctoral student majoring in modeling and simulation at UCF.

The Scholarship may not be awarded to the same student more than one time. All awards will be processed through the UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance.

This Scholarship, to the extent that funds are available, will be used to pay for tuition, textbooks, and student fees, and any other educational related items that can be paid utilizing the University Office of Student Financial Assistance system.

Download the Application

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