NCS High School Scholarships

National Center for Simulation (NCS) Modeling & Simulation Scholarship 2022 to 2023 Scholarship Application


To acknowledge outstanding senior students who are seeking to pursue secondary education in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field at an accredited Technical School, College, or University in the State of Florida. This program is designed to recognize academic achievement & improvement in addition to recognizing those students who have continually strived for excellence in their communities. This scholarship may also consider economic need coupled with other factors to determine an award.


Note: No one factor shall be above all other factors. The final decision shall be based on a combination of factors.

Notification Process

A review committee from the National Center for Simulation will select the winner(s): One (1) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. The committee reserves the right to award additional scholarships or increased amounts based on available funding at the time of award. These students may also be recognized by a National Center for Simulation representative at your School’s Awards Ceremony. The awardee and parents (if a minor) consent to the use of photographs and name in social media, press releases, etc. The scholarship should be used for the purpose of tuition and/or college related expenses. All application materials must be submitted by the end of the business day on March 27, 2022. Recipients of the award will be notified via a letter from the National Center for Simulation. Notes (1) Do not alter or modify the application form, please fill it in as provided. (2) Attach a copy of your resume. (3) Submit paperwork in single-sided format.

Please direct any questions to:

NCS (Attention Carla Hoskins)
3039 Technology Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826

or email:


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