SOFIC NEWS: Commandos Asking for New High-Tech Training Tools (by Jon Harper)

Cyber, electronic warfare and information operations are expected to be critical elements of future operating environments for U.S. commandos. Special Operations Command wants industry to provide new tools to help them train for these scenarios.

Green Berets have a new information warfare center at their home base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which is supporting the U.S. military globally, noted Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette, commanding general of Army Special Operations Command.

Information warfare includes “psychological operations” or psy-ops.

“This emerging capability converges psychological [ops], cyberspace, deception and electronic warfare at the tactical and operational levels,” he said May 19 during a panel at the virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, which is managed by the National Defense Industrial Association.

“The future will be won by those who dominate the full digital spectrum,” he said. “It will be as important as seizing and holding terrain.”