BREAKING: Orlando airport leader wants on-site K-12 school as part of 10-year plan

The Orlando International Airport leadership set big goals for its 10-year discussion — including the possibility of an on-site K-12 school.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the governing entity of the airport, went through a wishlist of wants for the airport over the next decade during its Aug. 17 meeting.

Still, John L. Evans Jr., GOAA board member and founder of Evans&Evans Consulting, said he’d like to see a non-government on-site school built somewhere on airport property to accommodate the children of airport workers, as well as a possible day care center.

Evans told Orlando Business Journal a school could help recruit top airport and airline employees. “If I hear MCO is building a school as part of the airport and I can see my child — by the way, that school would be one of the best schools in the country because we would model it up against the Villages charter schools — I think I’m coming down here to put my best foot forward to interview. So it’s a value chain that bursts out.”

The idea of a school is mainly conceptual at this time, as there were no specific details such as cost or design, but Evans said he’d push for it to be paid primarily by the airport and be completed within the next decade.

“It’ll be done in 10 [years] or I’ll die trying,” Evans said.