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Kratos Technology & Training Solutions (DEI)

Kratos specializes in delivering Performance-Based Training and Learning Products with the optimal blend of media to meet your objectives; including industry-leading training devices as well as courseware that employs the most advanced interactive, web, gaming, social media and mobile technologies.

 We take a fully integrated lifecycle approach, leveraging cross-disciplinary expertise to assure linkages between mission, goals, skills, competencies and performance in the field. Kratos training solutions are research-based methodologies that assure excellence and preparedness, from front-end analysis and requirements definition to assessing the key indicators of performance. Kratos can help you:

  • Identify organization, unit, team and individual competencies that align with your mission
  • Apply instructionally sound learning approaches that drive identified performance outcomes
  • Develop and sustain training systems and devices
  • Define the optimal blend of media to achieve identified requirements
  • Manage and sustain the end-to-end learning environment
(407) 678-3388

8601 Transport Drive
Orlando , Florida 32832

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