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Exolith Lab

What is the main goal of Exolith Lab?

Exolith Lab’s goal is to enable space exploration, science, and education by making high-fidelity regolith simulants available to researchers and students around the globe.

What is Regolith?

Regolith is the layer of loose dirt that covers the bedrock of a planet. Regolith is present on many planets including the Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

What is a Regolith Simulant?

A regolith simulant uses minerals found on Earth to mechanically and mineralogically replicate the regolith of another planet.

What is ISRU?

ISRU stands for In-situ Resource Utilization, which basically means “using what’s available on site.” Space travel is expensive, when we go back to the moon we’re not going to be able to bring everything we need with us. For instance, if we want to build houses on the moon, we can’t bring the building materials with us. We’ll have to use lunar regolith to make our own building materials.






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