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Simulation and Training


Simulation technology expertise is embedded in high tech industry located throughout the world. Industry simulation products continue to grow in their traditional applications, as well as in new commercial markets such as human patient simulators for medical education and immersive simulation for stimulating entertainment.


Simulation and its related fields require a multi-disciplined, highly technical workforce.  Nearly every engineering and science field, including behavioral sciences and education, is involved in complex simulator development.


For over fifty years the Army and Navy have been co-located for the development of training devices and technology.  This unified effort is the foundation of the Florida Simulation Center's critical mass of technical talent.  The Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Department of Justice and NASA share resources and leverage experience in modeling, simulation and training for aviation, space, surface and subsurface platforms, ground vehicles and maintenance training.


Medical Simulation is based on creating ground-breaking simulation solutions that will contribute to medical research, patient safety and the advancement of health care.


Millions of people annually are entertained through simulation at modern theme parks, family entertainment centers, museums, sports centers, and personal PCs.  The entertainment simulation industry is embracing the latest advances in simulation technology.  This business sector provides additional synergy and technical leveraging which is a significant and ongoing economic impact.

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