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GameTech 2012 Conference – Call for Presentations

Posted on November 15, 2011 in General News
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The 2012 Defense GameTech User’s Conference promotes the exchange of knowledge, research, and ideas about the use of gaming technology for education and training across industry, academia and government.  This conference includes teachers, students, designers and developers across all disciplines who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of gaming technology to improve training efficiency within their organizations.  You are invited to attend and participate in this 5th annual international forum which offers numerous opportunities to share your ideas, explore the research, development, and applications and to network with the leaders in this important field of education technology.

The conference committee invites proposals from industry, academia and government on potential topics to be included within the conference.  The 2012 Call for Presentations is divided into four tracks:

- Games:  Presentations are desired that describe emerging concepts for how this technology is being used within existing and planned programs of instruction.  Candidate presentations should discuss relevant technologies, methodologies, concepts and challenges associated with the use of games and/or gaming technologies for educational purposes.  Presentations may include talks on hardware, software, tools, engines, design, development and the implementation of “GameTech” applications.

- Virtual Worlds:  We seek presentations that discuss the theory and application of virtual world technologies, including development, design processes, technical challenges, lessons learned, and best practices for creating and interacting with virtual world applications for education and training.  Potential presentations may include discussions on hardware, software, platforms, design, development, and trends for future VW applications.

- Mobile Learning Technologies:  Mobile learning technologies present new challenges and new opportunities for learning.  Presentations are desired that address the potential of using these platforms for learning to include case studies of successful implementations and the research of new technologies to improve performance, security, cross platform interoperability, and connectivity.  Potential presentations may include topics such as HTML 5, specific device features, cross platform applications, lessons learned and best practices.

- Tutorials:  Tutorials and Workshops are intended to enhance the skills and broaden the perspective of the attendees.  They should be designed to introduce a rigorous framework for learning a new skill or to provide advanced technical training in a related area.  Submissions will be selected on the basis of the instructor’s qualifications for teaching the proposed tutorial and their contribution to the overall conference program.  Topics can range from introductory through advanced levels and can encompass anything in the above categories as well as others as appropriate.

Additional information can be found on the GameTech website:

If you have any additional questions, you can contact Brent Smith, the GameTech 2012 Program Chair at (407) 497-7340.  Please submit your presentation topics by 5 December 2011 in the following format to the GameTech 2012 conference committee at

Speaker:  (Name, Email, Phone)
Title of Session/Tutorial:
Is this a session or a tutorial:
Track for the session/tutorial: (games, virtual worlds, mobile)
Speaker Bio (100 words)
Organization (100 words)
Speaking Experience (100-200 words)
Issue or problem that this session/tutorial addresses (1500 characters)
How the issue or problem will be addressed? (1500 characters)
Why is this topic of interest? (1500 characters)
Technologies/platforms required for the session/tutorial:  (list)
What the audience will learn (finish the sentence, “In this session/tutorial you will learn…”) up to 10 bullets
Audience Knowledge (novice, intermediate, advanced, explain) (100 words)

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