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Walter P Moore

Walter P Moore is an international company of engineers, architects, innovators, and creative people who solve some of the world’s most complex structural and infrastructure challenges. Providing structural, diagnostics, civil, traffic, parking, transportation, enclosure, and construction engineering services, we design solutions that are cost- and resource-efficient, forward-thinking, and help support and shape communities worldwide. Founded in 1931 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, our 600+ professionals work across 18 U.S. offices and five international locations. Innovations in rendering technology have allowed Walter P Moore to leverage the strength of virtual reality in our projects. Compared to traditional displays, virtual reality enabled headsets to provide a powerful sense of presence in our virtual environments which have opened doors to unique and valuable methods of collaboration. Our proprietary tool set empowers Walter P Moore and our clients to not only know what space looks like but to understand what space feels like. When comparing facade details, checking for visibility of signage, or detecting model clashes, being able to jump into a project and experience it yourself can be invaluable – and our tailored approach lets us collaborate with clients to add new, customized content to any build.



Lincoln Plaza - 300 South Orange Avenue
Suite 1200
Orlando, FL 32801
United States

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