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Mission V-Armed creates 3D animated content using COTS software and hardware for virtual reality training and visualization. With this content comes an entire ecosystem of technologies and modified weaponry to create a variety of serious gaming experiences and pre-visualization tools. This technology, paired with subject matter experts from the fields of law enforcement and defense, is bringing the next generation of simulation to the public sector at the same time it is hitting the commercial sector. Proven Sustainability V-Armed’s parent company, Animated Storyboards (ASB), is a 16-year-old, multinational CGI and animation firm that supplies the advertising industry with moving storyboards. ASB’s 350-strong team of animators, modelers, developers, designers, editors, audio engineers, producers, and directors are in-house staff. Its global workflow allows the private sector access to rapid turnarounds at highly competitive prices, making ASB a leader in its market. ASB has captured a large share of the animatics-for-advertising market due to the fact that it was an early adopter of motion capture technology. As a natural outgrowth of its motion capture capabilities and its continuous quest for emerging technologies, ASB started experimenting with virtual reality in 2015. After being tapped by the Israeli MOD to generate a proof-of-concept in three weeks, the CEO, Ezra Krausz, who is American-Israeli, continued to develop ASB’s assets to also serve the United States defense and law enforcement markets. In March of 2017, V-Armed became a legal entity that is controlled by ASB—an American company. It is through the parent company, ASB, that V-Armed will enter the GSA Schedule 70. The application process is currently underway. Starting a Cutting-Edge Endeavor Starting V-Armed included tapping the brightest and most creative thinkers within ASB and inviting them to collaborate on this endeavor. This team is made up of animators, engineers, programmers, and marketing and education professionals—some with military experience—who share a common passion for supporting those on the front lines. The V-Armed team is intensely collaborative and experimental with a willingness to try multiple versions of competing technologies—even to invent others—to discover what the best and most reliable solutions are for a variety of needs. Unique algorithms, learning management software, modified weapons, and 3D printed tools have all emerged from the V-Armed lab to improve the simulation experience. Warehouse-scale, tetherless, multiplayer experiences in VR and MR are already within our capability set.


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