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We are a Veteran-Owned Small Business born out of the U.S. Intelligence Community, CIA, NSA, Special Forces/Operations. We provide full-spectrum cyber solutions, encompassing active, passive, and defensive techniques. We believe that cybersecurity is vital to the operational efficacy of all business and critically important to all persons.

SIXGEN are the innovators behind Cognitive Objectives Utilizing Reality-based Simulation Engine (COURSE). The COURSE Virtual Reality Training platform provides an affordable entry to simulation-based instruction by using video game content modules that operate on easily attainable hardware.

SIXGEN operates as a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Maryland and works cooperatively with Private Investigation firms in all 50 states. Because cybercrime often crosses international boundaries, SIXGEN has provided critical cyber protections and remediation for businesses and individuals in three countries. Our ongoing relationships with cyber teams at US Secret Service, FBI, DHS, and Federal Prosecutors, as well as experience in coordination with local and state law enforcement organizations, allow us to escalate and report breaches involved in large-scale attacks.

SIXGEN’s team members include veterans from the world’s premier military and government agency cybersecurity organizations, to include: National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the DoD component intelligence units. Our experienced cadre of technical SMEs provide solutions to the Nation’s toughest challenges in cyberspace. Our expert cyber operators have a wide range of skills, from conducting intelligence operations, mitigating threats to critical infrastructure and enhancing situational awareness through faster data solutions.  From counterterrorism, cybersecurity to intelligence activities, we have a proven track-record to identify, dissect, and resolve complex security problems involving multi-national, interagency and commercial organizations.



1125 West Street
Suite 200
Annapolis, MD 21401
United States

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