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Sensoryx AG

Sensoryx is a Swiss electronics company, based in Zurich, that develops novel, intuitive controller systems for VR and AR. Our VRfree® is the world’s first mobile VR glove system with integrated 3D hand- and finger tracking, offering full degrees of freedom, millimeter precision and compatibility with all major Head Mounted Displays – stationary and mobile ones. VRfree® is the first glove controller that can be used without stationary references such as cameras or laser beacons. It is truly mobile. The system allows players to use their hands intuitively and in realtime in VR, making the use of controllers obsolete. With the product’s mobile setup Sensoryx has one of the only controllers suited to interact with upcoming AR/MR glasses that may eventually replace current smartphones. Our development road map will also see us add feet sensors and haptic feedback to VRfree® in the next year.

Forrlibuckstrasse 30
Zurich , Switzerland 8005

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