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RB Advisory

Companies rely on RB Advisory for their holistic cyber risk management program. RB Advisory provides private sector and government clients with proven solutions and services to help protect their most important assets: data, clients, and their people.

Recognized both locally and nationally as a highly qualified and trusted security compliance and cyber security firm, RB Advisory works with clients across a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial, legal, government, education, energy, technology, telecom, and retail industry.
Mission statement: The core spirit driving the success of RB Advisory is the passion in assisting our clients in avoiding the devastating consequences of cyber-attacks to their business while establishing processes and procedures specific to their industry and nature of work. Our team of cyber professionals protect the physical and digital assets and secure future revenue of a business by meeting and maintaining regulatory compliance. Our holistic approach to cyber security safeguards against hidden risks that expose a business to legal, operational and financial threats. We strive to meet you where you are and customize our partnership to cater to your specific needs.


(407) 794-5668

163 E Morse Boulevard
Suite 200
Winter Park , FL 32789

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