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RAVE Computer

RAVE has specialized in computer integration for over 30 years.
The consultative process begins with our engineers and sales staff who thoroughly explore your individual objectives and challenges to identify the best balanced solution – we are your trusted advisor. We help shape requirements on the front end to save costs and issues over the life cycle of solution.
We are experts in computer hardware and its optimization. Additionally, we understand how and why different environmental conditions affect computer performance and how to mitigate them.
We are experts in multi-vendor integration and support.
RAVE Systems® are tailored to your specific needs including COTS, modified COTS or custom.
RAVE has the highest levels of partnerships with many major component technology OEMs. We receive the highest levels of technical support, receive technology roadmaps, and have access to the most current cutting edge technology components.
RAVE Systems® solve really tough challenges – Thermals, acoustics, SWAP, portability, ruggedized COTS and performance tuning/optimization.
We are experts in long life cycle management, obsolescence management, project management and in supporting volume requirements.
We deliver quality, reliable systems – backed by a 3 year warranty.
Small business – we can help you achieve your small business spend goals.

Ask about our RAVE Systems®, purpose-built systems pre-configured and optimized for performance to meet various requirements related to (as examples): size, weight and power, filtering and vibration.

(800) 966-7283

7171 Sterling Ponds Court
Sterling Heights , MI 48312

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