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Orlando Regional Tech Association

“Orlando is home to a well-established, multi-billion technology industry and a rapidly-growing collection of innovative startups that are pushing boundaries and finding new ways to solve problems. The members of our community are dynamic and forward-thinking technologists driving progress in space, modeling and simulation, advanced manufacturing, software development, digital media, gaming, film, and hospitality technology amongst many others. The Orlando Regional Tech Association is the leader in growing the region’s tech visibility and tech brain trust. We do this by connecting the tech community and inspiring collaboration between major tech leaders, established businesses, and startup and scaling ventures. Orlando Tech holds numerous events throughout the month to welcome the entire Central Florida community to the table to hear from visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and community advocates as we work to build the community of tomorrow. Join us on this journey. Visit Orlando.Tech to learn more.”



101 South Garland Avenue
Suite 108
Orlando, FL 32801
United States

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Diane Court, Chief Operating Officer

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Member since 2017

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