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SKIF produces a high-tech laser simulators for command and personnel tactical training:
• Gun simulators for dry-fire (any type of weapon can be used: rifles, guns, hand-guns etc.);
• Armored vehicles’​ and air targets’​ defeat simulators;
• Software with GPS-tracking and online statistics of each participant;
• Tank training simulator;
• Training complexes Shoot-House.

We also design training systems according to a customers’ specific characteristics.

Designing the laser simulators, we put a person in the center of the training mission and aim our system to save their lives. We understand that each combat situation is individual and even a split-second can be critical for the fighter.

That’s why the usage of the laser training system that registers each shot and hit made, fighter’s actions, gives online feedback and allows to analyze all actions made during the training – is extremely essential while combat training and can save fighters lives.

The system may be applied for any weapon, vehicle to infantry and air defense equipment.

(050) 020-4810

Ukraine, Kharkiv., 3 Cheluskintsev Str
Kharkiv 61013

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