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Georgia Tech Research Institute

From a total staff of 3 called upon to integrate military radars about 77 years ago, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has grown to approximately 1,500 experts predominantly assisting the Department of Defense (DoD). GTRI’s expertise spans mission areas from analysis to acquisition, testing to training, evaluation of alternatives to developing weapons systems improvements, and improvised explosive device detection and defeat to missile defense modeling. If it moves, we model it. If it operates, we detect it. If it is a threat, we design countermeasures. If it is friendly, we develop protection systems, support, and training. Our success in one field often energizes progress in related mission areas, and we continue to pursue and solve the toughest problems. GTRI is the nonprofit applied research and engineering arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”) in Atlanta, Georgia. GTRI operates like a business, following FAR 31.2 cost recovery and reporting discipline. GTRI employees conduct research and development in engineering, science, economics, policy, computer technology, and related areas for a broad base of customers. Over 70% of the GTRI research personnel hold advanced degrees and all are committed to an independent, unbiased approach for solving problems. GTRI has over 1000 employees with various levels of security clearances and access. GTRI is organized into eight laboratories (or business units) that support customer needs in Cyber Technologies and Systems, Information and Communications, Electronic Systems, Aerospace Transportation and Autonomous Systems, Missile Defense, Electro-Optical Systems, Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications, and Signatures Technology. When customers work with GTRI, they are getting much more than the world-class expertise and the experience in a leading research institution--they are also opening the door to the vast intellectual resources of one of America’s leading research universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”). GTRI and the academic side of Georgia Tech are complementary world-class institutions that collaborate to solve the innovation equation on behalf of clients. This combination provides unmatched expertise, capabilities, and know-how in solving some of the toughest problems facing government and industry. Georgia Tech is uniquely positioned as one of the nation’s top research universities, with research expenditures of approximately $500M per year. According to the annual U.S. News and World Report, Georgia Tech is consistently ranked in the top ten of public universities and in the top ten of engineering programs, with all engineering departments ranked near or in the top ten across the United States. For the last 18 years, Georgia Tech has had the number one ranked program in Industrial and Systems Engineering and the number two ranked Aerospace Engineering program in the same surveys. These two programs have a significant portfolio of hundreds of applied systems engineering projects for industry and government each year, and combined with GTRI, they provide a Professional Masters in Applied Systems Engineering, a Certificate in Applied Systems Engineering, and Systems Engineering short courses worldwide.



11315 Corporate Blvd
Suite 110
Orlando, FL 32817
United States

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