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gameSense Sports Expert performers exhibit an uncanny ability to size up dynamic situations and to make good, fast, and largely non-conscious decisions. While these skills appear to be intuitive, they are actually learned, and therefore trainable. Recognition skills such as selective attention, pattern recognition, and situation awareness can be trained as a way of accelerating expertise in performance contexts that require quick decisions and immediate actions through “deliberate practice.” gameSense Sports (gS) has been training and testing these recognition skills in athletes for the past two decades. We have worked with professional, collegiate and youth athletes across baseball, softball, and football. We are now applying our technologies to military, law enforcement and medical skills. gS technology can be used to practice countless recognition skills from body language and threat detection to x-rays. Our technology is Efficient: gS is delivered on a phone, tablet or laptop while reinforcing skills and facilitating knowledge transfer for a variety of subject matter. Our technology is Effective: gs trains and measures skills systematically while retaining the implicit learning of simulations. Our approach is Inexpensive: gS does not require “Big Iron” or costly resources, we can use existing video, images or simulations, which can be quickly modified and delivered to personnel anywhere in the world.

(202) 664-0707


447 Fox Street
Denver, CO 80204
United States

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