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Employment Technologies

Employment Technologies is the pioneer and world’s leading developer of simulation-based assessments for talent prediction. We help businesses achieve success by creating and integrating simulation technology into their strategic hiring processes. Using high-end graphics and compelling storylines, our award-winning EASy Simulations® immerse job candidates in virtual workplaces where they perform actual job tasks and interact with customers and coworkers to solve real-life work issues. EASy Simulations create a fun test-drive for job candidates—and deliver unparalleled accuracy in predicting job performance and success. An unprecedented five-time national Top HR Product of the Year award winner, Employment Technologies has more than 30 years of experience and offers proven solutions in all phases of the HR process, serving clients ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. • Simulations and Assessments • Online Interview Tools • Realistic Job Previews • Employment Branding • Language Proficiency • Employee Onboarding Guides • Custom Learning and Development • Custom Simulations

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532 South New York Avenue
Winter Park , Florida 32789

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