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Eagle 6 is founded upon military values. As a decorated Iraq Combat Veteran, founder John Burns had a burning desire to continue his service by putting some of our Wounded Warriors to work.

His business plan is written around these goals, and the Eagle 6 team is comprised largely of men and women who have already made a difference for our country by serving in uniform. John Burns believes they have much more to give, and he has proven it by hiring, training and making them an Eagle 6 team member.

John’s long history of leadership was evident throughout his successful Army career. Serving in aviation units and commanding at Platoon through Brigade levels, he gained an experience range that provides the very foundation of capabilities for his company.

His knowledge in Army Mission Command Training at PEO C3T contributes to his capabilities in Command and Control, and his long established relationship with Army senior leaders are invaluable as he carries out the mission of Eagle 6.

His prior experience as Director of Army Programs at Rite-Solutions and demonstrated past performance in Army Integrated Training, are key qualifications for Eagle 6. His military and civilian experience in leadership and program management provide additional resources for the company; but his passion revolves around helping our veterans and wounded warriors – as evidenced in his past experience as a Wounded Warrior program mentor.

John Burns believes our former service members still have a lot to give. Once you see them in action, we know you will believe in them too.

(407) 730-0331

3218 East Colonial Drive
Suite G
Orlando , FL 32803

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