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E2M Technologies

E2M is a designer and manufacturer of 100% electric 3,4,5, and 6 degree of freedom motion platform systems with payloads ranging from 500-40,000kgs., electric vibration platforms with 3 & 6 DOF motion, and control loading/forced feedback systems.
We build to suit for a wide range of customers in various markets to include defense, commercial aviation, and themed entertainment, for applications including over-the-road vehicles, fixed or rotary wing aircraft, water craft, and rail. We also have the internal capability to custom build a whole, or any part of, a motion system to work with a customer’s application.
E2M offers industry unique flexibility in design as well as industry-leading service and support. Currently, E2M has fielded over 400 motion systems worldwide for applications ranging from small driving simulators and entertainment systems to commercial and military Full Flight Simulators for rotary and fixed-wing aircrafts.

3259 Progress Drive
Orlando , FL 32826

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