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DSSP provides re-ignitable non-pyrotechnic simulators called eSquibs® based on electric solid propellant (ESP) technology. A typical device provides up to 1,000 reignitions and reports (137 db @ 1 m) similar to an industry standard Z-17 squib or firecracker. Muzzle flash effects are scalable to 9mm and 7.62mm round simulations. ESP® combustion is almost odorless, producing only CO2, H2 and H2O. eSquibs® can be fired at rates of up to 30Hz. Re-usability allows for zero reset times for filming, or multi-day use for live fire training, stage shows and dark rides. Higher power levels yield larger, but fewer ignitions from the same eSquib® device. eSquibs® Since little of the ESP consumed during each ignition, there is little combustion gas and no damaging shock wave to cause injury. The hundred shot-plus repeatability of ESP effects and enhanced safety has already allowed theme parks to use these effects in very close proximity (3m) to live audiences.

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