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Calytrix Technologies

Calytrix Technologies was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2001. In March 2003 Calytrix opened an office in Dayton, Ohio, and subsequently moved to Orlando, Florida in 2013. Today, Calytrix employs 60+ full-time staff in both Australia and United States with offices in Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, and Orlando. The Company continues to grow in a measured manner and now sells products and consulting services in The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

Calytrix was originally formed to develop ‘software without excuses’, bringing a level of engineering rigour and commercial expertise to the delivery of cutting edge military simulation and training software.

Since its formation, Calytrix has focused on the defense training and simulation community, although our work has expanded to encompass the international humanitarian assistance communities. While Calytrix’s original focus was software development, Calytrix has grown a substantial training and consulting division to deliver both technical and integration solutions to meet its customers’ growing needs and expectations. Calytrix maintains a careful balance between its complimentary software development and services arms.

(321) 206-0628

12612 Challenger Parkway
Suite 320
Orlando , FL 32826

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