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BeBop Sensors, Inc.

BeBop Sensors® makes smart fabric sensing platforms to help people communicate with technology in innovative ways. We create intuitive, flexible interfaces between humans and machines – changing the way people interact with their technology.

BeBop Sensors’ Forte Data Gloves® VR Haptic Gloves take workplace training to the next level by enabling natural hand interaction and haptic feedback to create the most intuitive and immersive XR training experiences for developing skilled workers.

Deepen the training’s sense of VR immersion by adding precision tactile control and haptic feedback within the virtual environment. A more natural interaction with “hands” improves engagement and muscle memory. Haptic gloves overcome the awkward introduction into VR and having to learn buttons to replace natural motions of a human hand.

BeBop Sensors’ award-winning gloves and customized sensor solutions meet the need for enterprise and military customers developing: XR training, remote UAV control, wearable devices, data acquisition, and UI/UX control.

• 40+ commercial and military customers worldwide
• Awarded USAF SBIR Phase II Maintenance Trainer; expected Phase III early 2020
• Time Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions of the Year
• 20 patents awarded; 20 patents pending
• Over four million sensing products sold worldwide

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(407) 448-7159

2325 4th Street Ste 4
Berkeley , CA 94710

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