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155 Consulting

155 Consulting LLC provides operational analysis, design and after action in the fields of fire support, targeting and Marine Corps operational planning from the tactical to the joint level. My mission is to provide experience and expertise to increase warfighter readiness in order for them to better engage American interests across the entire range of military operations. Mr. Bonaventura has served over 15 years of military service as an Active Duty and Reserve Artillery Officer. Throughout his professional development as a Marine Officer, he has served in the operating forces deploying with a Marine Expeditionary Unit as an artillery forward observer during Operation Phantom Fury, with an infantry battalion in Haditha and as the Detention Operations Cell OIC for MNF-W. Mr. Bonaventura has continued to hone his skills in the reserves as a JTAC with 4th ANGLICO, Battery Commander with N 5/14 and as the Battalion Executive Officer. Currently serving with the MAGTF Staff Training Program, he is a subject matter expert in joint fires doctrine and tactics for the unit.



3607 Palm Avenue
Apopka, FL 32703
United States

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