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About Medical Simulation

We frequently use the acronym MEDSIM to cover the field of Medical Simulation. But in fact, this site domain will embrace any modeling and simulation technologies that can increase our collective knowledge and be applied to medical education, training and the continuum of care. As we go forward, this place will become a virtual store of information that can provide a baseline for further study, discovery and lead you to innovations and a wider knowledge of this important segment of the simulation industry that is positioned to provide a critical contribution to those who improve patient health and safety.

As a start, take a look at

The opportunity to transfer simulation technologies from Department of Defense programs, Academic Research and Industry Solutions into Medical Applications is extensive. See how this was done in response to the need for better Combat Casualty Care Training. The following video was first used as an introduction to a Medical Special Event at IITSEC 2007 and depicts several vignettes of simulator and virtual world technologies in use for training, as a wounded warrior transitions through the chain of care teams. Some of the scenes are graphic (but simulated).

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